Sunday, September 21, 2014 that you?

The calendar says you are here, but it is still hot outside.  It is bearable, but quite warm.  This is the time of year when I really miss Oklahoma.  In a few weeks, the trees start changing colors and in eastern Oklahoma it is beautiful.  At one of our houses in Oklahoma the Oklahoma Redbud trees that lined our drive were quite colorful this time of year...bright yellow!  Did I ever think to take a picture of it?  Uh, no.  I did come across this picture today though when trying to find the right pics for my layouts.  This was taken on our back deck in Holdenville in late October 2009.  Elissa was 9 years old.

Didn't find the pictures I was wanting to put on the following layouts.  So, they remain picture-less for now.  Once again I scraplifted from  I love her blog.  She always has great ideas.  These are Level 2 which means they are completely done without stamping or a Cricut.  So, those of you that are skerred (scared) of stamping, these layouts are for you.  They took no time at all to complete.  The paper pack is Pathfinding and I used the complements and accessories that correspond with it.  The layout designs are from Magic and Make it From Your Heart, Volume 1.  I rarely scrap without these books.  If you want layouts like these for your Autumn or Thanksgiving pictures, let me know! 

I am hoping for a taste of fall soon.  All of you Oklahoma people, enjoy Fall for me...and if you think about it, take a few pics.   I know there are just a few weeks still til the leaves start changing colors.  Enjoy!

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