Friday, July 18, 2014

Picture My Life

Picture My Life has changed the way I scrapbook.  Don't get me wrong, I still absolutely love to create pages.  If you know (and love me) you know I LOVE to create pages and I don't actually care to find pictures to go on them (is abhor too strong a word?).  You would probaby be astonished to know that I have hundreds of layouts that don't have pictures on them.  I know, *GASP*, right?  It's a sickness, I am sure of it.  I need to find a 12 step program for my craziness.  Anyway, PML keeps me from doing that.  I get lots of pictures scrapped and JOURNALED.  Raise your hand if you don't like to journal (me! Me! ME!).  PML has these cute little cards that make you want to do a little journaling.  Seriously!  No,'s true.  Here are a few examples of my PML layouts.

I should also have a disclaimer here.  As most people do, I hate my handwriting.  PML forces me to WRITE.  I don't mind it so much anymore, because I realize that someday there will be a granddaughter or a great granddaughter that will get a little lump in her throat when she sees my handwriting long after I am gone.  Hopefully, anyway.


  1. I'm loving your PML layouts! But, on a serious note, I thought I was the only one in the world with pictureless layouts! My sister makes fun of me for it! LOL

    1. It's the bane my scrapbooking existence. I knew I loved you, Marianne!!