Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Title Page 2014

Being behind when you are a scrapper can sometimes make one a little crazy.  Especially if you are like me and like to be a chronological order scrapper.  I'm here to tell you that it is OK to scrap out of turn.  Just went on vacation and can't wait to get your hands on those new photos?  SCRAP them!  It's OK!  I promise you won't break out in hives.  You might twitch a little though.  Earlier this year I completed 2013 and you know what?  I don't have 2006-2012 completed.  I know, you are saying "WHAT?!!  How can this be??!!"  Yes, I did it.  Guess what else?  I started 2014 and I still don't have 2006-2012 done.  I'm learning to be ok with that.  If you knew me back in 2005 you know I stayed current...always.  Then...well, life happened and I started scrapping only what I felt like scrapping, like holidays.  Then, I would do only sports. All the while, hoping to get current, but I was not successful.  With the help of Picture My Life, I am hoping that I will be able to get those years completed sometime soon.  That is the beauty of PML (Picture My Life), you can get a ton of pages down WITH journaling in a short period of time.  When the new catalog comes out in 2.5 weeks you will be in AWE of the new PML collections.   Anyway, I digress...the 2014 Title Page is below.  I used Skylark reflections kit and complements.  I will be sad to see this kit go.  I do love it so.  Let's have a moment of silence at it's retirement in 2.5 weeks...............Good bye Skylark, we'll miss you.  While taking this picture, my layout got damaged when it fell.  It's time to get it in the page protector, so it will be protected from ME.

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