Saturday, August 16, 2014

Happy Saturday!

It is rare to be able to sleep in AND get a chance to create without much interruption (as I write that sentence my husband is chasing my son around my bedroom...I guess I spoke too soon) on a SATURDAY.  Mostly I worked on a blog hop that is coming on Wednesday...details to come.  :)  I recently bought several of our ShinHanArt markers and played with them a little bit today.  I am loving them, truly.  One of the things I made today:

Look how vibrant the colors are!  Makes me want to buy more stamp sets that I can color-fill by hand.  

The stamp set is A Tree A1124 (real original name, CTMH!  HA!).  
I used 9 different colors
Tender Pink
Cerulean Blue
Cherry Pink
Vivid Green
Golden Yellow
Turquoise Blue
Marine Blue
Pastel Green
Peacock Green

Hope your day has been a happy and productive one!!

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